Does Has Single Parents Available For Trips?

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Does a Christian parent to care for their children in any other way then providing them with a safe and loving environment while on trips or having someone available to walk their children in the event they get lost. When I read “Christian parent available for trips” I think of a parent who walks their child to the bus stop, picks them up in the car and drops them off at school. Then they are gone for the day. Is this Christian parenting? Does it show love and respect to the children?

If you have children of your own and are a Christian, do not feel like you have to give up the idea of being a parent when it comes to taking trips. I know as a parent who has three kids, I will always put a shirt on over my outfit and a hat on my head before going on a trip with my wife and two grandkids. I will even bring my lunch and pack a picnic lunch. Even though I love my kids and travel a lot with my wife and two kids, I am not a single parent.

I have traveled all over the world and am successful and proud of it. But, I am a single parent and I know how precious a family is. I know how important and different traveling can be as compared to staying at home where we can just watch television. Being a parent is so much more than being a travel agent or an all-in-one person. So, if you are a parent and looking for a way to travel with your kids without your kids crying and throwing a fit because they are left behind, I recommend that you consider being a Christian parent and finding a Christian travel agent to provide you with their services.

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